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is a Roguelite Tower Defense game with RTS elements. Surrounded by enemies, your tribe is the last bastion against the Empire.

Reclaim your lands and defeat the baneful Empire!

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Trialed by the Gods

The Empire has invaded and corrupted the lands of your forefathers. As what remains of your tribe tries to hold the Spirit Tower, a relic to the gods, you were chosen to relive the final battle over and over, until you set history right.

Earn the gods favor and use the power of their runes to free the land from these rotten creatures!

Dawn of Defense is a unique mix of tower defense and real-time strategy that presents new strategic challenges, while roguelite mechanics, meta-progression, and procedurally generated worlds allow new experiences each round.


Defend the Spirit Tower | Hordes of enemies come marching down the trenches. Pick from a variety of towers to defend yourself. Encounter ever stronger creatures with every wave. Choose the right tower upgrades to defeat whatever the Empire throws at you and prepare your defenses for mighty bosses.

RTS Combat

Fight for your lands | Train warriors to meet the Empire head-on. Stand your ground and stop their invasion. Cross the trenches to strike back and reclaim what is yours. Build new defense towers on captured Islands to assist in the trenches. Fight your way to the enemy base, unlock new abilities for your troops and raze their fortress to the ground.

Base Building

Fortify your islands and develop the economy! Capture neutral and enemy islands to build on them. Place a variety of defense towers, training camps and production buildings. Expand to rare resources and treasures and upgrade your buildings.

Runestone Upgrades

Make each run unique | Select one of three random runestones after defeating a wave. Each provides different effects and upgrades for buildings and troops. Use your experience points after each run to unlock new runestones in the meta-progression. Come back stronger every run and discover various upgrade paths in a mixture of fate and strategy.


GENRE: Strategy     |     MODE: Single Player     |     PLATFORM: PC first

GENRE: Strategy

MODE: Single Player



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